Touch 'n Go Combines Bubur Lambuk Distribution with Road Safety Campaign to Promote Community Spirit and Enhance Road Safety

Mar 19, 2024
Touch 'n Go Combines Bubur Lambuk Distribution with Road Safety Campaign to Promote Community Spirit and Enhance Road Safety

In a joint effort to commemorate the holy month of Ramadan and prioritise road safety, Touch ‘n Go Group (“Touch ‘n Go”), alongside the Malaysian Highway Concessionaires Association (“PSKLM”), collaborated with MHA and PLUS to conduct a unique initiative at the Shah Alam Toll Plaza. The event included the distribution of 800 packs of bubur lambuk while also advocating for road safety awareness among motorists and motorcyclists.


The distribution began with the first 40 motorists receiving Ramadan packs comprising bubur lambuk, along with Touch ‘n Go’s iconic Cat “Oyen” charm, dates, and mineral water.


Dato’ Ir. Sazali bin Harun, Director General of the Malaysia Highway Authority, Praba Sangarajoo, Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd, Datuk Nik Airina Nik Jaafar, Managing Director of PLUS Malaysia Berhad, and Dato’ Zakaria Ahmad Zabidi, President of PSKLM, graced the event, personally engaging with highway users and emphasising the importance of both community spirit and road safety.


“At Touch ‘n Go, we believe in fostering connections within communities whilst prioritising road safety. Our collaboration with PSKLM and MHA reflects our commitment to philanthropy, as we endeavour to embark on a journey towards cultivating a culture of safety and solidarity on our roads”, said Praba Sangarajoo, CEO of Touch ‘n Go.

Simultaneously, a road safety campaign unfolded at the motorcyclist lane, aiming to raise awareness among motorcyclists and reduce traffic accidents and fatalities. Safety vests were distributed to motorcyclists alongside the Ramadan packs, with a clear message on the significance of wearing safety vests to mitigate accident risks.


Commenting on the initiative, Dato’ Zakaria Ahmad Zabidi, President of PSKLM, stressed the necessity of such campaigns to mitigate the rising toll of accidents, especially during festive seasons like Ramadan and Hari Raya. He cited statistics from the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT), revealing a total of 1,539 accidents and 13 deaths involving road users as of 17 March 2024, as a stark reminder of the imperative to prioritise road safety.


Dato’ Ir. Sazali bin Harun of MHA extended warm wishes to all highway users for the Ramadan season, urging them to prioritise safety and adhere to road regulations, particularly in preparation for Hari Raya balik kampung journeys.


"As we prepare to celebrate Syawal next month, I want to remind everyone to check their TNG eWallet balance before traveling. Nearly 60% of vehicles stuck at RFID lanes lack sufficient balance. Also, for Touch 'n Go card users, reloading via the TNG eWallet NFC function with an NFC-enabled phone and card is easy. Let's ensure a smooth journey for all during this festive season”, added Praba.


Touch ‘n Go, with its longstanding commitment to advancing Malaysia's mobility landscape, continues to pioneer contactless and cashless toll payments. With 33 highways nationwide, the company remains dedicated to fostering a safe and convenient travel experience for all users.