Introducing Merchant Dashboard

An integrated, comprehensive solution for your business within the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app. Only applicable to SME QR.
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Dedicated to managing and tracking sales transactions, the merchant dashboard provides you with the convenience and tools to manage your business at your fingertips.

Switching your profile is easy and can be done from the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app. The merchant dashboard will allow you to:

  • Toggle between user and business
  • Assign up to 3 staff per outlet to receive sales notifications
  • Receive daily settlement reports
  • Monitor sales transactions, performance and history up to 90 days
  • Receive payments via link or QR code
  • Register a new business with us
How to make full use of Merchant Dashboard’s functions
Save a copy of the handbook to your device
A simple guide to your Merchant Dashboard
1. Prompt sales alerts

By switching from user to business, you will now receive sales notifications through the app, which allows you to track all transactions easily in one place.

Step 1
Tap on the profile icon
Step 2
Tap on “MerchantDashboard
Step 3
Enter eWallet PIN
Step 4
Manage your business here

*Once merchant dashboard is activated, business owners will no longer receive SMS notifications.

2. Administration management

Add up to 3 staff per outlet, and they will be able to receive payment notifications as well as review sales activities of their assigned outlets.

Step 1
Tap on “Profile” and then
My Organisation
Step 2
Select preferred outlet
Step 3
Add staff by keying in their mobile phone number

*To add staff’s mobile number into designated outlet, the staff’s mobile number must be a registered Touch 'n Go eWallet user

3. View sales transactions, performance and history

All sales transactions from all outlets and their respective performance can be reviewed by business owners. Go as far back as 90 days.

Outlet statistics performance

Step 1
From Dashboard, select the outlet via the dropdown menu to view its transaction statistics
Step 2
Toggle between “Daily” and “Monthly” for each outlet’s performance
4. Daily settlement reports

Transaction reports are prepared automatically at the end of each day. Business owners will receive a push notification when the report is ready.

Step 1
From "Transactions", tap on “Settlement
Step 2
Tap on “Email
Step 3
Hit “Send” for the report (in Excel) to be emailed to your registered email address
Step 4
Report successfully sent

Note: If you would like the settlement report sent to a different email address, click on “Contact support” to edit.

5. QR code and payment link generator

Gain access to all your outlets’ Touch ‘n Go eWallet & DuitNow QR codes

QR codes

Step 1
Tap on “Business QR Code
Step 2
Toggle between Touch ‘n Go eWallet & DuitNow QR codes
Step 3
Tap on “Share” to send a softcopy of the QR code(s) to customers or to print

Payment links

Step 1
Tap “Share Payment Link” from your “Profile
Step 2
Key in amount and tap “Generate Link”
Step 3
Share link with your customer for payment

*Only business owners can generate and share payment link

*Payment links are valid for 8 hours only

6. New business self-registration

If you’re planning on registering a new business with us, you may do so here.

Step 1
Tap on “My Application” from “Profile
Step 2
Tap on “Set up a merchant account
Step 3
Tap on ”Sign Up As Merchant” to begin your registration
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