Automate Payments for Tolls & Parking 

Automate payments for toll & parking

Activate PayDirect™ by adding your Touch ‘n Go Card to your Touch ‘n Go eWallet, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.
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How PayDirect™ works
With PayDirect™, customers can link their Touch 'n Go Cards to their Touch 'n Go eWallets. The cards can then be used as normal (at highways), while our back-end systems deduct a customers linked Touch 'n Go eWallet balance.
Why use PayDirect™
Check your Touch ‘n Go Card balance online anytime, anywhere
Customers no longer need to worry about insufficient balance with the Touch 'n Go eWallet auto-reload function
Your Touch ‘n Go Card will no longer fall into the dormant status when you link it to your Touch ‘n Go eWallet
Activate PayDirect™ in just a fewsteps
Add Touch 'n Go card into the Touch 'n Go eWallet to activate PayDirect™
Reload the Touch 'n Go eWallet
For toll: Tap your added Touch 'n Go Card or SmartTAG with the added card at participating highways
Our PayDirect™ partners
South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE)
LATAR Expressway
Damansara-Puchong Expressway
Shah Alam Expressway
Kajang SILK Highway (SILK)
Maju Expressway
New Pantai Expressway
Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel
Sprint Expressway
Lingkaran Luar Butterworth (LLB)
Jambatan Kedua Sdn. Bhd.
Ampang–Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway
Guthrie Corridor Expressway
Lebuhraya Kemuning - Shah Alam
Kuala Lumpur – Karak Highway
Sungai Besi Expressway
Duta Ulu-Kelang Expressway
Cheras-Kajang Expressway
North Klang Straits Bypass
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use PayDirect™ at any toll plaza?

Currently, PayDirect™ is available at all open-system toll at Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. Check out the full list of participating highways at

Do I have to open the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app each time I pass through the toll?

No, just use the added Touch ‘n Go Card as usual to pay tolls (either tap the reader or via SmartTAG) at participating highways. The toll fare will be deducted directly from your Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

Does that mean I can use PayDirect™ in any highway in Klang Valley?

No. Currently, PayDirect™ is only available at all open-system toll highway in Klang Valley.

How do I activate PayDirect™?

Step 1: Launch your Touch ‘n Go eWallet app.

Step 2: Tap on PayDirect™ icon to add a Touch ‘n Go Card (if you do not have a Touch ‘n Go Card added into your Touch ‘n Go eWallet). Tap on PayDirect™ icon to check the consent box (if you have a Touch ‘n Go Card added into your eWallet)

Step 3: Reload your Touch ‘n Go eWallet via credit/debit card, FPX online banking or Touch ‘n Go eWallet Reload PINs.

Step 4:  Use the physical Touch ‘n Go Card as you normally do at the toll booths of participating highways (tap the reader or via SmartTAG)

Step 5: The toll fares will be deducted directly from your Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

What are open-system tolls?

There are 2 types oll System Highways are the ones that you pay the fixed amount at toll booths. Example: E7 Cheras-Kajang Highway, E35 Guthrie Corridor Highway.

  • Closed-toll System Highways are the ones which you pay upon exit (based on time and/or distance). Example: E6 North-South Expressway, Central Link (ELITE).

There are also highways which employ both systems along its stretch, hence it shall be referred to as a Mixed-toll Systems when the entire highway stretch is mentioned. Example: E1 North-South Expressway, Northern Route.

What is PayDirect™?

PayDirect™enables users to add up to three (3) physical Touch ‘n Go Cards into the Touch ‘n Go eWallet for toll usage.

The physical Touch ‘n Go Card that has been added into the Touch ‘n Go eWallet will be used as a medium to pass through “Touch ‘n Go” and “SmartTAG” lanes at participating highways.

When users pass through the toll booths, the toll fares will be deducted from the Touch ‘n Go eWallet. If the Touch ‘n Go eWallet does not have sufficient funds, fares will be deducted from the Touch ‘n Go Card.

Who is eligible for PayDirect™?

Registered Touch ‘n Go eWallet users who have added their physical Touch ‘n Go Card into the Touch ‘n Go eWallet.