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Enjoy the benefits of TNG Digital Funding Services
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We've helped numerous key brands streamline their financial operations with our credit solutions. Rely on us to simplify your processes with reload PINs, direct credit, and salary payments to both employees and customers.


Reload Pins and Vouchers

Improve engagement and empower your business with versatile reward incentives

  • Use for internal or external campaigns or events

  • Available in both digital and physical forms

  • Offers extensive payment options locally and globally

  • Denominations range from RM1 to RM8,000


Direct credit

Effortlessly distribute employee benefits and rewards directly to Touch 'n Go eWallet

  • Hassle-free disbursement to all employees

  • Easy one-time setup with application programming interface (API) compatibility

  • Employees earn loyalty points from GOrewards as they spend with TNG eWallet

  • Convenient and secure payments with transaction history



Deposit your foreign workers’ salaries directly into their Touch ‘n Go eWallet via DuitNow Transfer.

  • Disburse through your existing bank cash management system

  • Seamless onboarding for your employees: download the app and register for an account

  • Employees can perform everyday transactions from their eWallet e.g. Pay bills, transfer, prepaid top up etc

  • Employees can withdraw cash from any ATM using Touch ‘n Go eWallet Visa card

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