Q1     What is the Promotion?

A1       Get RM 20 eWallet credit when you are the 8th or 28th customer to get fitted with a Touch ‘n Go RFID at selected fitment centres. If on any particular day there are fewer than 8 or 28 customers who had a TNG RFID Tag fitted, the Prize will be awarded to the last two customers or last customer, respectively, of the day. If the above occurs, Touch ‘n Go will get in touch with the last 2 customers or last customer, respectively, via email.

Q2     What is the duration of the Promotion?

A2       The Promotion is valid from 10 December 2021 – 31 December 2021

Q3     Who is eligible for the Promotion?

A3       All new Touch ‘n Go RFID user(s) are eligible for the Promotion.

Q4     How do I know whether my vehicle is eligible for Touch ‘n Go RFID fitment?

A4       More information on the Touch ‘n Go RFID eligibility can be found here.

Q5     Is there any minimum spending to be eligible to participate in the Promotion?

A5       No minimum spending is required. The promotion is on a first come first serve basis for new Touch ‘n Go RFID users only.

Q6       How will I receive my RM 20 eWallet credit?

A6       A Touch ‘n Go representative will email the reload pin to your registered e-mail address within 30 days.

Q7     Is the Promotion valid Nationwide?

A7       The Promotion is only applicable at these selected fitment centres in Penang & Kedah:

Participating Fitment Centres Area Day Time
Auto City, Perai Penang Tue-Sun 10.00am - 6.00pm
BSS Resource Management Penang Mon-Sat 10.00am - 6.00pm
Bok Tyre and Battery, Bayan Lepas Penang
Mon-Sat Mon-Sat (Except Fri)
9.30am – 1.00pm
2.00pm – 6.30pm
9.30am - 12.30pm
SS Tyre & Motorcraft Enterprise, Georgetown Penang Mon-Sat Mon-Sat (Except Fri)
12.00pm – 1.00pm
2.00pm – 6.00pm
12.00pm - 12.30pm
2.00pm – 6.00pm
Best Tune Auto Workshop, Sungai Jawi Penang Mon-Sat Mon - Sat (Except Fri)
10.00am – 1.00pm
2.00pm – 6.00pm
10.00am - 12.30pm
2.00pm – 6.00pm"
PLUS Sungai Dua Toll Plaza, Perai Penang Wed-Mon            10.00am  - 5.00pm 
(Break 1pm - 2pm)
ZK Tyre Auto Service, Alor Setar Kedah Sat-Thu 8.30am – 6.00pm
Petronas Lebuhraya Sultan Abdul Halim, Alor Setar Kedah Wed-Mon 10.00am – 7.00pm  (Break 1pm - 2pm)
PLUS Hutan Kampung Toll Plaza, Alor Setar Kedah Wed-Mon            10.00am  - 5.00pm 
(Break 1pm - 2pm)