Introducing Money-back Guarantee

Pay confidently with enhanced security features


Our Money-back Guarantee promises full compensation within 5 working days if your TNG eWallet is being charged with unauthorised purchases or reload. Our enhanced security features protect you from any risk of losing your eWallet balances through unauthorised transactions:


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Track and analyse data to detect and prevent unauthorised transactions


Human Intervention

Dedicated risk team for further monitoring and strengthening the backend security system

How to claim your money back

Receive full compensation within 5 working days upon investigation and confirmation.
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Ensure that your eWallet account is linked for TapSecure before the unauthorised incident occurred.
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Verify your eWallet account and get protected from unauthorised transactions with the Money-back Guarantee.
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Ensure you submit your claim within 60 days from the unauthorised transaction date to get full compensation.
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