Go-eCommerce Onboarding Campaign

Terms and Conditions

1. Campaign period: 1st July 2021 – 31st December 2021

2. This Campaign is open to micro and SME merchants who have never previously registered as a merchant with TNG Digital Sdn Bhd (“TNGD”).

3. Eligible merchants shall be entitled to receive a RM20 subsidy upon completion of the following during the campaign period:

4. Successfully complete the merchant registration process with TNGD and approved as a Touch ‘n Go eWallet QR merchant and/or Touch ‘n Go eWallet DuitNow QR merchant with TNGD;

5. Complete one successful transaction whereby payment is made using the Touch ‘n Go eWallet by the last day of the following month from the Registration Approval Date (“Qualifying Transaction”).

6. For new and first-time merchant registration;

7. First outlet or single outlet claim per merchant registration; and

8. Only 1 time claim per merchant within the campaign period

9. The RM20 subsidy will be credited to the merchant’s bank account by the last day of 2 months from date of the first successful transaction

10. The campaign is limited to the first 80,000 merchants who qualify for the subsidy. The campaign will cease once the transaction limit has been reached or until the expiration of the campaign period, whichever is earlier.

11. “Micro” and “SMEs” refer to micro enterprises, small and medium enterprises and Malaysian individuals with or without business registration as defined by SME Corp. Malaysia. This includes Malaysian individuals without business registration.

12. This Terms and Conditions shall be further subject to the General Campaign Terms and Conditions which can be found at www.tngdigital.com.my/general-terms-and-conditions.