Important Notice on Unauthorized Online Seller

3 January 2022


Dear Customers,

It has recently come to our attention that certain merchants that have not been authorised by Touch ‘n Go have been selling or offering for sale in Malaysia imitation Touch ‘n Go Cards, including without limitation, cards printed with custom stickers.

We would like to highlight that you should only buy Touch ‘n Go Cards from the following sales channels:

  1. Official Touch ‘n Go online stores (Shopee: and Lazada:; and  
  1. Touch ‘n Go authorised sellers (as listed in the following link:

Purchases from any sales channels save for the above, are strongly discouraged for the following reasons:

  1. Touch ‘n Go would be unable to provide product support for Touch ‘n Go Cards purchased from unauthorised sellers.
  1. Touch ‘n Go is not responsible for any violation of applicable laws by any unauthorised sellers or their website operators.
  1. Touch ‘n Go Cards purchased from any unauthorised sellers or altered in any way by any unauthorised person will not qualify for any warranty offered by Touch ‘n Go, nor be guaranteed by Touch ‘n Go to be tamper free.
  1. Touch n’ Go Cards purchased via any unauthorised seller will not qualify for Touch ‘n Go’s refund policy.

Please contact Touch ‘n Go Client Care via our Facebook Messenger @MYTouchngo or drop us an email at if you require further assistance.

Happy New Year from all us in Touch ‘n Go.