Here's Why GO+ Is The Right Choice For You

Written by GO+ Team
2021-08-08 00:00:00

GO+ Is Low Risk
The underlying fund for GO+ is Principal e-Cash Fund – a money market fund managed by Principal Asset Management Berhad, which invests in short-term bank deposits and focuses on investments that are of short duration and/or high quality.

Some of the bank deposit placements that GO+ invest into:


With Principal Asset Management Berhad as your fund manager, you can rest assure that overall risk of the portfolio is within the acceptable range.


Safe And LicensedRest assured your money is safe with us!

We are the first eWallet to obtain approval as a Recognised Market Operator (RMO). With that, we are regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia under its following guidelines RECOGNISED MARKET SC-GL/6-2015 (R5-2020)


Highly Liquid
The fund employs a strategy that focuses on liquidity and yield generation. This gives GO+ the ability to support all payments seamlessly, while letting you earn daily returns. There is no need to transfer money to your eWallet first to make a payment.

So cash in more into your GO+ balance today, it supports all payments just like your usual eWallet balance while giving you daily returns that are higher than your bank account.

Cash in more to GO+ via FPX online banking for a faster way to benefit!