Mobile Prepaid 25% Cashback Special

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mobile Prepaid 25% Cashback Special?

This campaign rewards a 25% cashback to selected Touch ‘n Go eWallet users who perform a minimum RM10 mobile prepaid top-up on Touch ‘n Go eWallet’s “Prepaid” function.

What is the duration of this campaign?

The campaign starts from 27 September 2021 and ends on 10 October 2021.

Who is eligible for this campaign?

This campaign is open to selected Touch ‘n Go eWallet users.

Is there a limit to the number of users eligible for this campaign?

Yes, this campaign is limited to the first SIX THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED (6,400) eligible users throughout the campaign period.

If I make TWO (2) mobile prepaid top-up transactions during the campaign period, am I eligible for TWO (2) times of 25% Cashback?

No. Each eligible user will receive maximum ONE (1) cashback only.

Is there any minimum spend required in order to enjoy the cashback?

Yes, eligible users have to spend a minimum of RM10 mobile prepaid top-up to be eligible for the cashback.

What is the maximum cashback can I receive?

The maximum cashback eligible users can receive is RM2.50.

When will I receive the 25% cashback?

The cashback will be credited to your Touch ‘n Go eWallet instantly after the mobile prepaid top-up transaction is successful.