What is OFS?

OFS is an abbreviation of Ombudsman for Financial Services. It is a non-profit organisation, and OFS is the operator of the Financial Ombudsman Scheme (FOS) approved by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) pursuant to the Financial Services Act 2013 and the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013.

What does OFS do?

OFS functions as an alternative dispute resolution channel to resolve disputes between financial consumers and financial service providers (FSPs) in an independent, fair and timely manner.

What can you do if you are not satisfied with our resolution?

If you are not satisfied with our decision, please refer your dispute to the Ombudsman for Financial Services (OFS) within six months from the date of our decision. The procedure for lodging a dispute with OFS is provided in the attached pamphlet on “Resolution of Financial Disputes”.

Pamphlets on Procedures to lodge disputes with OFS