100 million trees by 2025

Donate, grow a virtual tree and we'll plant actual trees

Together we can work towards a sustainable environment for future generations

Every donation counts towards a greener environment

‘100 million trees by 2025’ is a mission within the Greening Malaysia Agenda, which is a National agenda; set by the Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources via its agency, Yayasan Hijau Malaysia, and led by the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia. As at 21 November 2022, the agency has planted 48 million trees. The mission may be accomplished earlier with the support of Malaysians and Touch 'n Go Group.

Donate today to grow our virtual tree, and once it reaches 100%, a batch of trees will be planted at locations determined by the agency. Complete location listing will be updated on this page. Continue donating to grow more virtual trees for more actual trees to be planted.

Malaysians, together we can have a more sustainable environment.

We’ll donate alongside you, and together we can help provide the future generations with a greener Malaysia.

3 benefits for donating

Make our home greener for future generations


Get a The Goal Hunter stamp with a min. RM10 donation


Tax deductible. Email Yayasan Hijau Malaysia at finance@yahijau.com for a tax exemption receipt.

Types of trees that will be planted

Forest Tree

Price: RM130


Price: RM60

Landscape/shade/rare fruit tree (Nadir)

Price: RM300

Note: The cost of trees here is to show how it influences the growth of our virtual tree based on the donations received. Any amount helps.

Donations received will fund a scope of work ranging from preparing tree saplings to planting and maintenance for two years as shown below:

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