Protect your device against accidental & liquid damage from RM1/week

What is DeviceCare?

In today's digital age, mobile devices are our essential tools, but they're vulnerable to common accidents like cracked screens and liquid damage. These mishaps can disrupt daily life and incur significant costs.

Introducing DeviceCare, a mobile device insurance offering a financial safety net for unexpected incidents protecting against the disruptions and financial burdens of cracked screens and liquid damage. With DeviceCare, it allows you to stay confidently connected to the digital world by ensuring that your device can be quickly and affordably repaired or replaced. This coverage is vital for safeguarding your investment and maintaining uninterrupted connectivity.

Why DeviceCare?

Peace of mind
Now you can use your devices with less worry, knowing that your screens and devices are protected


Cost Saving
Repairing or replacing a cracked screen can be expensive and this saves you from incurring these high costs out of pocket


Extended Device Lifespan
By promptly repairing cracked screens or any accidental damages you can extend the overall lifespan of your devices

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