Senior Specialist, Product (Mobility & Mini Program)

Job Description
  • You will own the product end to end from ideation to go to the market and will drive constant improvement across all aspects of the product.
  • You will drive senior management and team consensus for the solution and champion the customer’s cause internally across all functions.
  • You will be the single and most effective source of knowledge of all aspects of the product.
  • You will lead, manage and deliver a product roadmap that encompasses and synthesizes all aspects of the product i.e. legal, compliance, technology, business value, product design and financials.
  • You will set metrics that measure and manages a holistic product that is constantly moving in the direction of product-market fit.
  • You will set high benchmarks for the team and assist them to achieve this by constant monitoring and improvement of the entire product.
  • You will assist and guide internal/external stakeholders towards benchmarks and performance.

Job Requirements
  • 5+ years’ experience in managing/launching products that have scaled and found market fit as a Product Management & Development
  • We don’t need coding skills but you should be able to communicate with our tech teams effectively and efficiently.
  • Proven and demonstrable track record of managing and launching products across various technologies.
  • Understanding of data and its impact on product management.
  • Knowledge of functional areas such as Product Management, UI/UX, Marketing, Data, Customer Support, Finance, Marketing or Engineering.
  • Ability to manage, process and visualize data independently and able to generate reports/insights.

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