ETL Developer

Job Description
  • Assist in gathering requirements & business process knowledge in order to transform the data to meet the needs of end users.
  • Take part in the development & implementation of ETL.
  • Develop source to target mapping or data transformation instructions that outline how to convert data in the source system to the target system as well as map the data values.
  • Investigate data to identify potential issues within ETL pipelines, notify end users & propose adequate solutions.
  • Prepare documentation & data catalog for further reference.

Job Requirements
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science/data engineer/data science.
  • 1-2 years working experience in database or fresh graduates.
  • SQL knowledge as well as an understanding of database structure.
  • Knowledge of data modeling principles & data lake development process.
  • High attention to detail & problem solving skill.
  • Organization skills, time management & planning.
  • Ability to pick up new data tools & concepts quickly.
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