Company Secretary

Job Description


  • Advise the Board on matters relating to the affairs of the Company, including matters pertaining to governance and best practices, boardroom effectiveness and Directors’ duties and responsibilities.
  • Provide advice and guidance to the Chairman and Directors on the statutory and legal requirements placed upon the Board and ensure compliance, with all applicable legislations and rules.
  • Ensure that the Board, Board Committees and Shareholders’ meetings are properly convened in accordance with the laws and best practices.
  • Keep records of the proceeding of the Board, Board Committees and Shareholder’s meetings.
  • Manage Board and Shareholder processes across the group.
  • Contribute to the Board development by observing boards in action and advising on any other skills gaps that need filling across the Group.
  • Update the Board of Directors on any development and changes in laws, regulations and guidelines pertaining to the statutory duties and code of conduct of Directors, Boards and Shareholders’ Meetings, and its impact to the Company’s business.
  • Assist Directors and Senior Management in the execution of various corporate proposals by ensuring Board decisions and instructions are properly carried out and communicated.


  • Facilitate standard governance practices among TNG Group entities and identifying areas for enhancements.
  • Oversee projects on governance and on rules and regulations by the various regulatory bodies and related policies and procedures for the Company Secretarial function
  • Ensure that the group governance framework complies with the statutory obligations under the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines.
  • Maintain safekeeping of statutory records in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Coach Senior Management Team to understand the expectation and value brought by the Board.
  • Review the company’s governance processes to ensure fit for purpose and consider any improvements or initiatives that could strengthen the governance of the Group.
  • Ensure that salient corporate matters at the other entities Boards are brought to the attention of the senior management team, as appropriate.

Job Requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law or Professional Qualification in the relevant discipline (Corporate Secretarial/Governance).
  • Associate in Malaysia Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators (MAICSA)/Licensed Company Secretary with at least 12 years of experience of relevant corporate secretarial/legal background in established companies.
  • 5 years of prior leadership position in the Company Secretarial/Legal Advisory role in established companies.

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