Associate, Vendor Management

Job Description
  • Administer master data workflow tools and processes, providing first-line support to the business users
  • Ensure full validation of master data according to data governance standards and rules, include Due Diligence procuress
  • Provide the first line of support to the business in investigating and solving master data issues.
  • Coordinate changes to master data where the business operation is impacted.
  • Undertake regular data cleansing activities to raise the quality of each record to target levels.
  • Develop, seek endorsement, and maintain master data standards, rules, and processes that drive data quality and business value. Ensure these are documented and subject to strict change control
  • Ensure stakeholder inquiries are addressed in compliance with Service Level Agreements.
  • In charge of Process enhancement.
  • Annual vendor evaluation reporting with analysis
Job Requirements
  • At least 3 years’ experience in procurement related filed
  • Continuous improvement and problem-solving mindset
  • Positive attitude with self-initiative to bring improvements and able to conduct investigations and report writing
  • Analytical
  • Intermediate or advance level in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Words
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