Assistant Manager, Product Marketing

Job Description
  • Work closely with product development team to determine the most profitable course for each existing and new product.
  • Build on product messaging that sets new products apart from others in the market to give them a unique selling point.
  • Co-plan and participate in the launch of new services and products which involve several different departments.
  • Obtain insights into customers’ usage of current products, untapped opportunities and buyer personas, through various dimensions of data be it transactional, app or external to drive marketing decisions for the business.
  • Focus on implementing programs that consistently generate new, high quality users for the business.
  • Create, manage and experiment with new user acquisition campaigns.
  • Conceive and execute on a wide range of content campaigns to drive education and engagement.
  • Work with internal creative team to create content and visuals such as website, social media posts and in-app etc.
Job Requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business Studies, Communications or related field.
  • 3+ years’ product and digital marketing experience.
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and manage time to address multiple responsibilities in a fast-paced, professional environment
  • Metrics-driven and analytical; proven ability to prioritize, drive, and achieve results.
  • Collaborative, people & communication skills.
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