About Touch 'n Go Card
Better than cash, faster than credit

The days of being weighed down by loose change are over! As your Touch ‘n Go is a prepaid electronic-cash card, it’s the perfect alternative to cash.

What’s more? It’s provides you with the ultimate convenience, because unlike credit cards, you can use your Touch ‘n Go for purchases as low as RM1.00.

Did we mention that it’s fast too? No signature is required – just a simple ‘touch’ on the payment terminal and you’re good to go!

Whether you’re taking the LRT, parking your car, "balik-ing kampong", watching a movie, grabbing a quick drink or just satisfying your afternoon craving for a donut – all you need to do is Touch ‘n Go.

To learn more about all the places where you can touch ‘n go, just click here, or discover more for yourself on our TnG Finder.

Reload convenience

Reloading your TnG card is easy – you can reload your card at any of the following places:
  • TNG Customer Experience Centre, (CEC)
  • TNG Hubs
  • TNG Spots
  • Petrol Kiosks
  • Convenience stores
  • ATMs
  • Pharmacies
  • Self-service Kiosks
  • Customer Service Counters at selected Toll Plazas
  • Reload lanes at toll plazas on selected highways
With more than 9,000 points nationwide, you can be assured of finding a Touch ‘n Go reload point near you. Let our TnG Finder show you the way.